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Any business – is prima facie people who do it. The legal firm «Dmitrieva and partners» attach importance on staff recruitment fit to corporate style of firm both on the level of professional knowledge and on personality characteristics (responsibility, communicability, creative ability). All of employees have substantial experience of professional activity.

Elena Kostiuchenko
Partner, Head of the Department of Criminal Law of LF «Dmitrieva & Partners", PhD in law, associate professor of the department of justice, attorney-at-law
Lyudmila Scherbak
Head of the department of accounting outsourcing
Lyubov Skvarko
Attorney-at-Law, Headof the department of international and investment law
Angelica Vakhnizka
Senior lawyer, Head of the Department of IT-Law, specialist on the expert valuation of property, property rights and business within the territory of Ukraine
Eugen Gubytskiy
System administrator
System administrator
Elena Melnik
Real estate expert, head of real estate department
Expert on the real estate
chief of real estate department

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