Investments and currency regulation

One of the criteria of the free market relations in a country is a level of currency regulation.

There is rather advanced legislation existing in Ukraine, regulating currency circulation having arisen simultaneously with the advent of foreign currency in the financial market of the country. Currency regulation is inseparably connected:

  • with foreign trade activity and investments, as, first of all, it concerns people engaged in these kinds of activity;
  • with taxation.

Lawyers of our company have sufficient experience in supporting of the investment activity in Ukraine, and it concerns not only foreign investments, but also internal investment.
National legislation of Ukraine gives equal rights, both to residents, and non-residents on carrying out of the investment activity, but these directions have essential distinctions.

The essential points for the non-residents, not having profound knowledge in functioning of the Ukrainian economy, are:

  • preliminary expert examination of the investment projects;
  • carrying out of the corresponding examination of the future object of the investment.
  • administration of legal guarantees on return and protection of investment.

Foreign investors also pay much attention to the analysis of the legislation, from the lawyers, for conformity to the international norms, regulating protection of investment.

One of the essential points in cooperation with the non-residents are proposals of the lawyer:

  • on definition of ways and mechanisms of realization and control of correct use of investment;
  • on the aspects which are reflected in contracts allocating the mutual rights and duties of the investment activity parties.

There are often questions in cooperation with the residents connected with taxation, as, unlike the foreign investment exempted from taxation, internal investment have the other tax status. In these cases, besides legal issues, it is necessary to consider financial parameters, concerning expediency of such investment in anticipation of assumed taxes. The role of the lawyer in this case is to assess all consequences for taxation, with the purpose of presenting complete information on effectiveness of investment to the client.

In the sphere of land legal relation, experts of the law company «Dmitrieva and partners» render such variety of legal services:
  • Consultations concerning lease, sale and purchase of the land areas;
  • Support of the transactions connected with lease, purchase and sale of the land areas;
  • Drafting and execution of lease, sale and other contracts connected with the land areas;
  • Legal examination of constitutive documents on the land areas, analysis of "history" of transfer and execution of the property rights in the land areas;
  • Issues of mortgaging operations with the land areas;
  • Examination of credit contracts, contracts of the mortgage, support of transactions on execution of credit and hypothecary contracts;
  • Solicitation of legal and economic cases on the issues connected with the land areas (in cases of inchoatation of constitutive documents, the arrest imposed on objects, the tax mortgage, etc.);
  • Consultations concerning the inheritance;
  • Privatization of the land areas;
  • Support of the investment projects connected with development of land;
  • Drafting and support of realization of general contracts with the building companies.
In the sphere of real estate, experts of the law company «Dmitrieva and partners» render such complex of legal services: 
  • Consulting services concerning the real estate and land legal relations;
  • Protection of interests of the parties - participants of the transaction at sale and purchase of the real estate and corporate rights;
  • Support of lease and purchase of non-residential premises, selection of office premises;
  • Transfer of premises from housing premises into non-residential and vice versa;
  • Drafting, legal examination and registration of lease contracts, sales contract and other contracts connected with the real estate;
  • Issues of wadset operations with the real estate;
  • Preparation of documents on the real estate subjected to the wadset, examination of the wadset contracts;
  • Support of the charge on the mortgaged real estate property;
  • Marketing of the real estate market;
  • Legal and economic case prosecution on the issues connected with the real estate;
  • Valuation of the real estate;
  • Consulting on inheritance issues;
  • Privatization of the real estate objects;
  • Preparation, coordination and support of the conclusion of sales contracts and lease contracts with bodies of fund of state property of Ukraine.

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