Investment and currency regulation

Lawyers of Dmitrieva & Partners have sufficient experience in the support of investment activity in Ukraine: foreign investment and internal investment.

The legislation of Ukraine has always been characterized by severe restrictions and only in recent years there has been some liberalization. Nevertheless, there are still restrictions on investment volumes for individuals and legal entities, which are likely to be lifted only after the BEPS plan is fully implemented in Ukraine and European standards are introduced.

In addition, the rules of financial monitoring and the related banking compliance have become much more complicated. Probably, there is no a single representative of international trade who has not gone through “circles of hell” of compliance of contracts and documents of counterparties with a bank.

Our specialists have long-standing experience in the support of investment projects since the times when obtaining licenses of the National Bank of Ukraine was required and of undergoing inspections in the Security Service of Ukraine. Of course, the procedures for the registration of investment have become much simpler, but the professional support is still required.

Our specialists can render the following services:

  • preliminary expertise of investment projects,
  • relevant expertise of a future investment object,
  • provision of legal guarantees of return and protection of investment,
  • analysis of the legislation for the compliance with international standards regulating investment protection,
  • determination of methods and mechanisms for the implementation and control over the correct use of investment,
  • consultations on aspects of fixation in contracts of mutual rights and obligations of the parties of the investment activity,
  • tax advice,
  • support of banking compliance,
  • support of opening bank accounts with Ukrainian and foreign banks,
  • support of foreign companies owned by Ukrainian residents.

The role of a lawyer is to assess all tax consequences in order to provide the client with the most complete information about the effectiveness of investment.

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