Corporate law

Our experts have significant experience in issues on registration, merge, division, liquidation of the enterprises, and also they can develope a variety of «anti-raider» actions directed on protection of business, represent interests of the client in judicial disputes on corporate issues, and in complex disputes between proprietors of the corporate rights.

Among the most popular services:

The state registration during one day of the natural person who intends to become an entrepreneur and the legal entity founded through the establishment of a new legal entity.

Registration of the enterprise is carried out by our experts on a turnkey basis, which means that as a result of providing us with all the required documents and information, the client receives a full package of documents necessary for the work. In addition to works of the registration directly, we can also provide accounting and reporting services, which is especially important in the first stages of activity, when the client does not yet have an office, or low profit does not allow him to have their own specialist.

Introduction of changes in the constituent documents.

Clients very often have problems connected with making changes to the constituent documents, with a change of the legal form of an enterprise or a change of founders. Significant difficulties are caused by the withdrawal of members from the founders. In this process a number of issues arise, which, unfortunately, are not sufficiently regulated by the current legislation. In addition, issues related to a real estimate of the share of the leaving member are not always easily resolved.

Disclosure of information about ultimate beneficial owners (controllers) or change of information on ultimate beneficial owners (controllers) of a legal entity, including the ultimate beneficial owners (controllers) of the member (founder) of the legal entity, if the member (founder) is a legal entity (submission of form 4).

Obtaining an extract from the Unified State Register of Rights to Real Estate.

We shall help to solve these complicated questions lossless.

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