Corporate law and М&A

Our experts have significant experience in issues on registration, merge, division, liquidation of the enterprises, and also they can develop a variety of «anti-raider» actions directed on protection of business, represent interests of the client in judicial disputes on corporate issues, and in complex disputes between proprietors of the corporate rights.

Among the most popular services:

- The state registration during one day of the natural person who intends to become an entrepreneur and the legal entity founded through the establishment of a new legal entity.

- Introduction of changes in the constituent documents.

- Disclosure of information about ultimate beneficial owners (controllers) or change of information on ultimate beneficial owners (controllers) of a legal entity, including the ultimate beneficial owners (controllers) of the sharer (founder) of the legal entity, if the sharer (founder) is a legal entity (form 4).

- Obtaining an extract from the Single State Register of Rights to Real Estate.

We shall help to solve these complicated questions lossless.

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