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Profitable suggestions of accounting and tax account. Submission of tax and statistic returns.

Specialists of accounting department of the law company “Dmitrieva and Partners” render services on accounting attendance of economic activities to the enterprises and business entities, and also provide consultations on the following questions:

  • Establishment of accounting within enterprise activity formation;
  • Document management organization;
  • Drafting orders on accounting and account politics;
  • Updating of accounting;
  • Analysis of financial condition of enterprise;
  • Attendance of transferring into accounting program “1C”;
  • Drafting of annual tax return of individuals – non-business entities;
  • Consultations about influence of income and expenses of individuals – non-business entities on their taxable income;
  • Performance of auditor functions.

Advantages of ordering of accounting services in the law company “Dmitrieva and Partners”:

  • Value of accounting outsourcing services significantly saves expenses of enterprise for providing the working place to accountant and for paying him salaries;
  • Availability of legal department in the law company “Dmitrieva and Partners” provides implementation of comprehensive approach to settlement of disputable questions of clients;
  • Highly qualified specialists of accounting and legal departments shall arrange accounting system into accordance with requirements of current legislation;
  • If additional tax amounts, fees and compulsory payments are counted by control bodies according to verification results, the lawyers of “Dmitrieva and Partners” law company shall professionally appeal against their decisions.

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