Labor law

Labor issues shall never lose its relevance, as they are directly connected with material support of each person and operation of main spheres of society life.

Nowadays labor legislation is represented by list of numerous acts, adopted in various periods within different social-economic conditions, which reasonably complicate understanding of main essential mechanisms of labor relations regulation.

Understanding labor relations importance and high level of liability Law Company “Dmitrieva & Partners” renders the following services in labor legal relations:

1. Working out of personnel documentation and its arrangement into accordance to the current legislation and internal politics of the company, namely:

  • development of labor agreements and contracts,
  • registration of labor agreements,
  • development and registration of collective labor agreements, 
  • development of official instructions, staff schedule, provisions on structure departments, orders, regulations and other personnel documentation.

2. Consulting on labor questions: employment, salaries, social benefits and guaranties, working time and rest time, dismissal, providing of engagement and other.

3. Legal support on foreign citizens’ employment questions and receiving of work permission.

4. Representation of interests in courts on individual and collective labor disputes.

5. Legal assistance of enterprise restructure regarding changes in organization of manufacturing and labor, charge-off, reorganization or liquidation of enterprise. 

6. Legal audit (due-diligence) of enterprises regarding compliance to requirements of the current labor legislation.

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