Clients who own large businesses often find it difficult to see to all small organizational issues, or it takes too much time, or there is simply no opportunity to do this, or there is not enough necessary knowledge in a particular area. To make the life of our clients more comfortable, we offer to use the services of a team of our specialists, whose duties include solving a number of problems, and who can offer a wide range of different services for the client's business and his family.

Our specialists are competent and reliable professionals with rich and long-term experience, many of them - for over 25 years, both from the point of view of a variety of clients’ situations and solutions, and in working with various providers and financial institutions.

Our office, acting as a single contact point, having the necessary experience and a network of reliable external experts, will be able to optimize and coordinate financial and legal affairs around the world.

The family office service is the best alternative for those who are looking for a highly personalized comprehensive service. We analyze the features and needs of the client and select a range of necessary services:

Consulting and administration of relationships with financial institutions:

  • Support for opening accounts in banks and payment systems
  • Consulting on opening and managing accounts
  • Communication with the bank after opening an account

Property and estate planning
  • Structuring assets and investments for tax planning purposes
  • Consulting on ownership, asset management and distribution
  • Support in planning and structuring property
  • Support in drafting a will/"last will", organizing the execution of wills

  • Advising on local and international taxation issues
  • Preparation of tax declarations and reports for both individuals and legal entities
  • Preparation and submission of reports on controlled foreign companies
  • Accounting of Ukrainian companies
  • Payment of invoices and taxes, compliance with the requirements of tax legislation
  • Preparation of financial statements of non-resident companies
  • Planning for avoidance of double taxation for companies
  • Representing the client's interests in government agencies
  • Fiscal migration of the company
  • Support in obtaining the status of a tax resident

Corporate services
  • Consulting on company incorporation and management in various jurisdictions
  • Trust management of corporate rights
  • Selection of suitable jurisdictions for various corporate structures
  • Incorporation, administration and coordination of various corporate structures
  • Coordination of contacts with various local and foreign authorities
  • Provision of registered office space and provision of substance requirements
  • Administrative management services

Real estate services
  • Real estate consulting
  • Property search by order
  • Support of real estate transactions
  • Management of real estate, including property owned by non-residents
Other services can be provided upon request depending on the client's needs.

The family office service is paid based on the volume of services required. The total cost is determined based on the estimated time that will be spent on providing all the necessary services related to your family assets and needs.

The client receives a monthly report on the services provided, which is formed daily by all employees involved in servicing the client.

We also draw your attention to the fact that payment for the services of external experts is added to the cost of the services of our specialists.

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