Author: Anton Prosviriakov, Oksana Tropec, Lyubov Ignatova

Lawyers of LF «Dmitrieva & Partners» have prepared the list of the main legal news for business.

Among the main news:

  • Taxation of compensation of employee's expenses incurred for the needs of the enterprise;
  • Use of payment transactions recorders (PTR) during cashless settlements;
  • On March 19, the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated July 18, 2018, No. 710 came into force, amending the Procedure for the State Land Cadastre Administration, and permitting the registration of land plots online;
  • Changes have been made to the list of construction works that do not require documents that give the right to their execution, and after which the object is not subject to acceptance into exploitation;
  • Clarifications by the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine on the application of the norms of tax legislation and certain accounting provisions concerning financial transactions with related persons - non-residents;
  • Another currency relaxation for non-bank financial institutions and non-resident legal entities;
  • National Bank of Ukraine has proposed to resolve some issues of cashless settlements in national currency;
  • Making settlements in foreign currency when performing an export transaction;
  • Non-residents can open accounts in Ukrainian banks;
  • Detection mechanism for shell companies is introduced.

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