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Olga Dmitrieva acted as speaker at the seminar "Antiofshornoe tax planning"

Olga Dmitrieva, lawyer and managing partner of  Dmytrieva & Partners Law Firm acted as speaker at the seminar: Antiofshornoe tax planning by  Marmaire, which was held on July 11, 2018.

Topic: "Working with European banks - is there a prospect?" To run or change? " 

The following issues were disclosed in the report: 
1. Plan BEPS (Base erosion and profit shifting) and its impact on international business. 
2. System of bank information exchange.
 3. Current situation with Latvian banks. The result of applying the BEPS Plan? 
4. Procedure for payment of state-guaranteed compensation to Latvian clients by ABLV Bank. 
5. Latvia's reaction to the situation with ABLV Bank. The law on the prohibition of dummy companies in Latvia and Cyprus. 
6. Is it possible to continue to use the European banking system? Recommendations for those who plan to continue to use non-resident companies. 
6.1. Recommendations regarding the status of the company and the beneficiary. 
6.2. Recommendations for conducting banking operations. 
6.3. Recommendations for the creation of substance in the jurisdiction of the company registration. 
6.4. Determination of the tax residence of individuals. How to avoid the risk of losing the tax residency of companies.

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