Author: Lyubov Ignatova, Alexandra Yulina, Anton Prosviriakov

Lawyers of LF «Dmitrieva & Partners» (Lyubov Ignatova, Alexandra Yulina, Anton Prosviriakov, Oksana Tropec, Sergii Kulesha) have prepared the list of the main legal news for business.

Among the main news:

  • Simplification of requirements to documents on currency operations

  • Another liberalization of currency restrictions

  • The requirement to provide scanned copies of documents for the analysis of financial transactions was cancelled

  • The simplified identification was cancelled

  • Amendments and additions to accounting and financial reporting in Ukraine

  • On taxation of payments for entitlement to website and trademark usage

  • Taxation of the personal income from the sale of immovable property

  • Regarding the tax on immovable property, other than a land plot

  • Registration and taxation of the individual-entrepreneur, who carries

    out independent professional activity

  • Registration of a permanent representative office of the non-resident as a VAT payer

  • Income tax on the repayment of a share in the authorized capital of a company to the non-resident founder-legal entity

  • Payment of the personal income tax in case of the change of location

  • On some issues of taxation of dividends when paying-out to a non-resident

  • On taxation of the non-resident’s income from operations of sale or other

    alienation of securities   

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